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Skip's offers custom design services. Getting your kitchen designed at Skip’s is a great experience. With our Pro 100 Design software, your design from Skip’s actually looks like your newly remodeled kitchen right down to the countertop pattern, cabinet door style, and finish color. We have integrated our in-stock cabinet styles into the software to give you the best possible preview of your new kitchen or bathroom project.
Skip's is proud to use the best 3D design software on the market for your project. Once we have worked with you to create your custom layout, we will email the file for you to view at home with this free design viewer.
This software is a demo version only. You can access multiple views of your design, view the blueprint of the entire image or of single walls, and rotate your real 3D image at any angle to make sure the layout will work for your project. Our friendly design experts can assist you with making edits to make sure you are completely satisfied with your perfect kitchen, bathroom, or cabinetry project.

Design your kitchen

Think about your kitchen design from an overhead view. Corridor or straight wall kitchens have no corners. Kitchens that are L shaped have a single corner. U shaped kitchens have 2 corners. Make a general drawing of the type of layout for your kitchen and the length of each segment. Measure the ceiling height and make a note of any soffits and their dimensions. Soffits are the box shaped drop down areas that meet the cabinet tops. They are generally around 12” tall and 12”-15” deep. Most commonly they are 7 feet above the floor. Soffits may be empty and removable or full of wires, duct work, etc. and be permanent.


In-Stock and Custom Cabinets

Measure the positions and sizes of any doors and windows that are in the kitchen. We will be putting these into your kitchen design so having accurate measurements will ensure a good design that will fit the spaces. You may measure the overall dimensions of the doors and windows including the surrounding trim moulding or not. Simply let us know which measurement you made.


Measuring your kitchen

Decide if you plan to change your overall kitchen layout. If the sink or appliances are not changing position, you may wish to measure the existing cabinets and make a note of their sizes. If you plan on reusing any of your appliances, measure them. It is important to measure the width, height, and depth of your refrigerator in particular so we can size it in your design.


Bring your measurements and your truck.

Many people remodel to make changes in the layout and usefulness of their kitchen. Most often people add a built in dishwasher, extra drawer space, and if space permits, an island. We can help with all of those things. As kitchen designers at Skip’s our primary goal is to give you the best design possible for your new kitchen!


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